Cleaning and Maintaining of Luxcelle, Banana Silk, Rayon, Viscose and Wool Rugs and Carpets

We recommend allowing a professional carpet cleaner to treat any spot, spill, or overall cleaning for these types of cellulose fibers. Damage by aggressive agitation could cause damage and cellulosic browning, which are issues that can occur along with distortion of the fibers.

  1. Vacuum thoroughly to remove particles from the fiber.
  2. Blot up as much of the stain as you can DO NOT RUB
  3. DO NOT USE OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCTS – as this will damage the color
  4. Use a white paper towel or cotton terry cloth, blot the area damaged from the spill. If the area is rubbed it will distort the fiber and weaken the fiber.
  5. Only use distilled white vinegar and club soda 50/50 mix. Apply solution of distilled white vinegar and club soda to the terry cloth and lightly blot the area. DO NOT OVER WET THE AREA BLOT ONLY. When drying remember to set the fiber to the smooth side /shinny side. If not the area will look like a dark spot.
  6. Reverse your carpets once every 16 months, this will help with the traffic areas and oxidation from the sun.

If any of the following stains occur, do the following steps then call a professional Cleaner.

  1. Urine Stain –Club Soda and distilled white vinegar 50/50 blot the area
  2. Blood – Ice cold water with ice and lightly blot and repeat until it comes out
  3. Paint – Dry clean fluid only (Afta)
  4. Nail polish – Nail polish remover using a Q tip to remove
  5. Anything that has a tannin stain ie: coffee, red wine, cool aide , or a dye needs to be done by a PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANER as this takes more knowledge on what to do so it’s not ruined.