Keith Benson


My name is Keith Benson. I am the proud owner of a 3rd generation Oriental and Area rug cleaning company located in south Florida since 1944. My family has been in the cleaning business for over 69 years. My great grandfather first founded our Benson’s Oriental rug cleaning company back in 1944.

My Dad Dennis Benson worked back in the early 60’s cleaning and maintaining works of art from homes in and around the surrounding areas of Palm Beach and Broward County. When I was a small child I remember coming to the family business to watch the employees wash and clean rugs from all over the world. I remember when I was in grade school and I would go with my father on pick-ups and he would explain to the client of what kind of rugs/carpets that they owned and he had knack for speaking to people (I thought this was cool).



At the age of 13 I worked part time for my family while in school. I swept floors, washed, vehicles and occasionally made deliveries. As time went by I was more eager to learn more about the business, of what types of rugs there were, and where they came from and how many there were. Wow was I surprised when my father told me it’s a never ending Art there is always a supply.

My father felt that the best way that I should get to know a rug is to take it apart and learn from it from the weave of how it is made and how to put it back together. The same as he did.

He explained to me that every rug has its own signature and understanding that signature is the key to success. He had me work with his master weaver Mr. Topazian he was from Armenia and he worked for my family for over 40 years.

Mr. Topazain explained to me the foundation of a rug and what the wefts and the warps meant to the rug. Along with the types of knots used to make a rug, of course the dyes used to make the colors as well. This was explained over and over until I understood this in full detail, this took time, a lot of time.

As time went on my father taught me the formulas that were used to clean all of our rugs in our washing plant. He explained to me that the best way to clean a rug was to hand wash it with cleaning formulas that have been handed down from generation to generation. Over the course of many years I have learned the cleaning, reweaving, and the repair process from master weavers from all over the world.


Benson Rugs Group Photo




After my 35 years and 3 generations of my family doing the same business in the same niche we are considered the best in our business. I have clients that ask for me by name and won’t deal with anyone else. I will tell you about anything you would want to know about your rugs. Whether it’s a handmade rug, machine made, wilton, looped, knotted, tufted, cheap, expensive, or just the right rug for you.

I have held classes on what to look for in the purchase of a rug. I can explain anything there is to know about a rug better than anyone else in the business. I have been a personal shopper for rugs for repeat clientele that look to me for not only purchasing but also to restore rugs that have been lost in a dog chew, flood, hurricane, volcano or even a fire.

I have traveled to many trade shows all over United States exploring old and new rugs. I have taught insurance agents on what to look for when a rug gets in a fire or a flood. I have taught some of the best in the business on the “how to” rather than the “what if “. My Referrals are miles long! We deal with some of the very best in the business whether they are Interior Designers, Department stores, Design centers, Insurance companies, Restoration companies, Rug stores, Estates, Auction houses, or individuals just like you.

As of today Benson Rugs and Stain-Away is a family owned and operated business offering a wide variety of services for your Oriental, area rugs and carpeting needs.  We offer inspection reports for damaged rugs, padding, appraisals, shipping, sales, white glove rug deliveries, alterations, deodorizing and storage.  Along with all types of restorations and simple repairs.

We look at your rugs as a art under the foot rather than just a rug. We know more about your rug than the person selling your rug, or even the other cleaner who has to farm his work out to a cleaner like us for an expensive cost passed on to you, don’t sell yourself short call and get the best in the business. Because at the end of the day be rest assured we know the “how to” rather than the “what if” when it comes to your rugs.