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Fiber Shield


Protect your new investment from day-to-day staining, fading, soiling, and abrasion.


Wish that glass of wine beaded off the new sofa? We apply protective coatings to upholstery, rugs and carpets to keep your designs looking pristine longer.

Benson Rugs can work with furniture stores to add the option of protecting your furniture. Once you buy a new piece of furniture the stress of keeping it clean comes with it. Buying your upholstery, rug, or other furniture already protected makes a customers life less stressful.

Life happens that’s why we’re here!

Protects furniture, wallcoverings, carpeting, and much more…

  • Non-Toxic
  • Hypo-Allergenic

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Working With Benson Rugs

Discover how Benson Rugs can help you unlock new opportunities with our exclusive Fiber Shield protective coating. Our team will guide you through the art of up-selling to your customers, while we take care of the entire application process. Sit back, collect the extra profits, and simply share a portion with us. With Benson Rugs, expanding your business has never been easier.

How Can Fiber Shield Help Your Furniture Store?

  • Repel oil, water, virtually all food stains, alcohol, beverages and dirt.

  • No change in the look or feel of the fabric.

  • Effective even after dozens of washings or several dry cleanings.

  • Chemically bonds to each fiber to protect them from spills and soil. 

  • Water-based products: spray, dip, or use in rinse cycle.

  • Solvent-based products: aerosolize or spray, brush or roll on.

  • Promotes long lasting appearance protection. Helps prevent fading and abrasion. Soil release properties allow for easier cleaning.

  • Start working upon drying. Maximum performance after 72 hours or when sufficiently heat cured.

We know soiled furniture comes from day-to-day living. Now there’s a way to give your furnishings (such as upholstery, carpeting, wall coverings, etc.) the treatment they deserve. Fiber-Shield products can help protect your valuable possessions against staining, fading, soiling and abrasion.

Fiber-Shield gets to the heart of the matter. Using advanced formulation technologies in soil and stain repellents, Fiber-Shield products provide deep-down, long-lasting protection that penetrates into fibers. The protecting action starts within minutes after the initial drying period, increasing significantly after 24 hours, and reaches maximum stain repellency after 72 hours. Treated  surfaces may be used once they are dry to the touch (normally 1-4 hours at room temperature). For fine leathers, the Vickers Leathercryl System is recommended. 

Fiber-Shield provides a safety net for careless spills. With Fiber-Shield’s protection, you’ll worry less about dirty paws and spilled after-school snacks. Unlike simple silicone products which repel only water, Fiber-Shield products, when dry, give invisible, odorless protection that repels dirt, oil, alcoholic and water based stains (excluding bleaches, acids, dyes, corrosive, and other extreme or unusual conditions.) After drying, the feel, the look and the fire-retardant properties of the fabrics remain the same. Regular maintenance and appropriate response to everyday spills and stains will help keep your furnishings looking clean and attractive longer.

Fiber-Shield is a positive investment for your peace of mind. An application of Fiber-Shield protectors builds in long-lasting beauty and helps increase abrasion resistance. Colors retain their brilliance and therefore furnishing continues to look new longer. After drying, Fiber-Shield’s non-toxic, non-flammable and hypo-allergenic properties make it safe for use virtually anywhere.

Fiber-Shield applicators provide excellent individual service plans. For more information contact us today.


This means that you have selected a company which has more than 100 years of experience. We are experts on all kinds of hand made and oriental rugs including: antique, semi-antique, new and machine made. We provide you with many services to protect your valuable and sentimental “works of art.”